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Virtual Assistant : Research Prospects

by | Nov 30, 2022

Researching prospects is one of the best ways to fill your funnel with new opportunities! You might be surprised how many people don’t know about this research method. It’s tailored for B2B companies and will help you manually find prospects.

What Information Do We Need?

research prospects - magnifying glass

To find prospects online, we need some of the following information such as:

  1. Avatar of the prospects: occupancy, industry, gender, etc.
  2. What information to record, e.g. name, email, phone number.
  3. (optional) specific platforms where you know those people are members.

Steps to Find Prospects:

  1. Do a Google search of a specific avatar characteristic, e.g. Real Estate Agents in Ringwood
  2. Filter the results down manually.
  3. Find more information about the opportunity.
  4. Record all information.

Why Do I Need This?

It would be wonderful if we had a new, up-to-date list of potential clients in front of us so we need to make calls or send emails. However, some work is required to make it happen. This is how creative Business Development Manager and Business Owners refill their funnel, bringing in more sales.

Marketing via online search and social media can surely attract the right clients. However, they rely on people contacting you, which is a different strategy; we will discuss this in the future. In this post, we are talking about actively seeking out the people you want to be your clients.

What Do I Need to Have?

Research prospect - Checklist

First things first, you need to know who you want to be your clients. Take your most suitable existing client, and write down their characteristics. For example, our ideal client is a young male director web designing company who hires a WordPress developer from us. Some characteristics can be:

  • Web designer
  • Young (less than 35)
  • Male (can be controversial)
  • Caucasian
  • Location in Australia
  • Company size: less than 5

Secondly, what kind of information would you need to begin the conversation with such a persona. What we recorded were:

  • Director’s name
  • Company’s name
  • Director Email
  • Phone number (mobile is best)
  • How long have you been in business
  • Any existing international employees (Y/N)

Thirdly, we saw this in other research, where our client would like to find the list of real estate agents by suburbs. They know that RateMyAgent, RealEstate and Domain websites will have most of the information. Therefore, they can focus on those websites to get the information.

Steps to Research

  1. Google Search is your best friend. We can do keyword searches like “web designer in Australia” using a specific characteristic. It will return an enormous number of agencies and companies where the filtering begins.
  2. Filtering results will need some experience, e.g. we can filter by employee size by looking up the company on LinkedIn. We can read the About us section to know more about the directors, whether they suit our filter, etc.
  3. Find more information about the remaining data. We will go further in researching the missing information. By utilizing different platforms like Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, we can find the most data available for public viewing online.
  4. The final step is to record the information in your CRM or an Excel Spreadsheet. The list is now ready for you to make contact.


When you’re trying to get ahead in business, it can be hard work. Understanding your prospects and their needs before talking is daunting at first – but with the help from a team trained for this sort of job, things might become easier! Our Virtual Assistants are trained to do research like this, and what can save time more than multiple VAs doing this in parallel?

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