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VA Costs Breakdown – Secrets Other Companies Hide

by | Jan 6, 2023

Have you ever wondered what the monthly charges of a Virtual Assistant consist of? How much does the person working with you make, and how much does the company make? This article will show you all the details of Virtual Assistant costs.

Why are we revealing this? Transparency is one of the most important aspects of doing business. We want to show the world that our people are well-treated while offering an affordable solution to our clients.

Virtual Assistant Costs Breakdown

Below is an example of how the Virtual Assistant breakdown works. The total amount is a rounded-up example that shows the figures better.

Why Charity First?

Virtual assistant costs - Charity

Giving is more important than taking. Therefore, since the company was founded, we decided to provide 20% of the revenue to various charities.

In turn, we will receive more than what we give out. It may differ from other companies, as they will have different structures. When our clients collaborate with us, 20% of what they pay for Virtual Assistant costs goes to charity.

Employee Salary

The next piece of the pie is employee salary, which is around 25% of the total invoice of Virtual Assistant costs. While it is much less than you expect, it is a fair salary for the local market.

We review this salary every single year, based on the Virtual Assistant’s performance and the satisfaction level of the clients. We also offer many benefits, which we will discuss in the next section.

Employee Benefits

Virtual assistant costs - Company Dinner

In the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as other South-East Asian countries, there is a concept of “the-13th-month salary”. As employers, we need to give them a bonus that is equivalent to their salary once a year.

In addition, we look after our employees by organising company dinners, office lunches, team-building activities, etc. The total cost of that comes to around 22% of the invoice.

Office and Administration Cost

To provide a good environment for our staff to provide value to our clients, we have a high quality office space with industrial grade internet connection and backup generators. These facilities protect against the two most common issues in the South-East Asian region: Unstable internet connection and power outages. These things, of course, require investments.

Another aspect of the Virtual Assistant costs is the administrators that we need to put in to manage the people: the recruiters who find qualified staff for our clients and the marketing and sales team who work tirelessly to bring information to you.

Moreover, this cost includes the necessary insurance to cover you from potential dangers like data loss, cyber security threats, etc. We have been tracking and averaging the price, which comes to 23% of the invoice.

The Remaining

10% is what is left after all other expenses. We set it aside to form a safety net for our staff. We aim to have at least three months of staff salary, so everyone in the company is safe. We are reaching the safety net target and looking into the future, and we may need it.


Cost breakdown

I’m sure that after reading this, most people will jump to the conclusion: I should hire the Virtual Assistant and pay only 25% of the cost; why bother going through VA For Everyone?

Yes, you can, and often, our clients are people who used to hire the VA themselves before but encountered many problems which we shield our clients from. Those are the breakdown of the Virtual Assistant costs that we are using in the company, and we believe it is sustainable for our clients and staff.

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