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How to Train Your VA to Follow Up Client

by | Dec 7, 2022

As business owners, we all aim to provide our clients with the best services that money can buy. And after completing the job, most of the time, we need to get their review to improve our services and processes.

Sometimes, we get follow-up jobs just by contacting our clients again. However, there’s a time when you can’t do it on your own and delegate it to your virtual assistant. How to train VA to follow up with a potential client?

What Do I Need to Provide?

How to train your va to follow up with a client - checklist

Before talking further about how to train your virtual assistant to follow up with the client, there are a few things you need to prepare:

Well-defined Script

How to train your va to follow up with a potential client - phone script

This script can be a conditional decision tree where every question has 2 outcomes. Or it can be just a simple document like this.  Over time, we can refine the script. But hey, we need to start somewhere, right? 

A List of Phone Numbers and Their Names

(optional) a booking form. This is used when the clients have a follow-up job that they just thought about but have yet to contact you. 

A VoIP Phone Number

A VoIP phone number will allow the VA to call people from the internet. If your VA is in Australia, it is not necessary. 

How to Train Your VA to Follow Up with Client

How to train your va to follow up with a client - telemarkerter

How can you get the optimised follow-up result done by your virtual assistant? Check these steps to train your VA to follow up with clients below!

1. Explain in Detail about the job

Here, you’re not only explaining what your virtual assistant should do and how, but also why they should do this and that.

You’ll motivate them to do their best when you give them a bigger picture and context, letting them know why these actions or jobs can affect your business. They’ll learn to improvise their movement to achieve the goal also.

To avoid misunderstanding, you can show them a video tutorial step by step of how to follow up client.

2. Let Your VA Create Guidelines or SOP

After showing up the video, the next step of training your VA to follow up is asking them to create a standard operating procedure based on the video or teaching materials you give.

To goal is to know their understanding of the task and to avoid the mistake before it happens. So, you can delegate the tasks at ease.

3. Scheduling Your Calls


People are so busy nowadays, so your VA should ask about the availability of the client before continuing the call. If the client is unavailable at that time, scheduling the next call will be the best way to train your VA to follow up client. Planning the ring shows that you’re polite and professional.

4. Keep the Communication Balanced

If your telemarketer is always doing the talking, your potential client may say “yes” in a snap. But their aim is to kill the phone session as soon as possible, not being interested in the offer.

Hence, balancing communication is best because a phone call requires giving and taking. Ensure your VA provides the potential client time to answer before asking the next question.

5. Leave Space for Personal Request


Remember that every potential client is unique, so ask your VA to ask whether any request is based on the next follow-up session.


Those are how to train your VA to follow up with potential clients. Post-sales following up is a must for any business.

As business owners, we must find a way to do it efficiently without investing our most precious resource, time. And outsource the task to a Virtual Assistant is definitely one way to go.

However, if you want to achieve your goal faster, you can provide a better script and share some relatable communication skills for your target market.

We may have a follow-up solution if you need more time to do that. Our company has several expert telemarketers who may help you achieve your goal.

Besides telemarketers, we also have experienced virtual assistants for every job. So, if you want more time for your life, call us immediately!

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