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2 Critical Items to Maximise Efficiency with Your Data Entry Job

by | Feb 1, 2023

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your data entry job? Juggling multiple tasks, organising information, and inputting numbers into spreadsheets can be too much. When it starts bothering you, you have a red flag to consider.

Fortunately, some simple strategies can help you maximise efficiency when it comes to data entry. Keep reading to find out how you can take control of your daily duties and make the most of your time in the office.

When someone mentions onboarding a Virtual Assistant, a data entry job usually comes to mind. These kinds of tasks don’t require a lot of brain power, but tedious, repetitive actions are needed. As business owners, we want to avoid using our time to do such a mundane task and always seek a way to automate it.

Let us suggest a way to offload the jobs to someone else efficiently.

What do You need to Delegate Your Data Entry Job?

To properly delegate the data entry jobs to someone else, two things are needed:

  1. Detailed instructions: e.g. video showing how it’s done, written steps on what to do.
  2. Data source: It can be a CSV file or a picture.

How to Give a Good Instruction?

Data entry job - Instruction

You probably guided other people before, and they came back to you asking about the small stuff you forgot. Hence, we’ll let you know what to provide to train people effectively.

Create a Guideline

Good instruction should minimise this issue so that you don’t get repeatedly disturbed by the same thing. Therefore, an instruction manual is a living document and needs to be updated by yourself or your staff who does the job.

An easy and time-saving way to give instructions to someone is to capture your screen while doing one entry. Yes, you need to do 1 data entry and capture it in a video; the rest can be done by someone else. There are many free screen recorders that you can download such as Debut, TinyTake, Loom, Free Screen Video Recorder, and etc.

While you are at it, you can speak what comes to mind when special rules apply. In the end, you have a video that staff can return to if they have any questions regarding the task. Even better, let’s say you forgot to put in some special rules, the video can have captions to explain more about what you mean, and the staff can update the captions as needed.

Record the Process in Video

Another way is to build a document showing step-by-step instructions on how to get the data entry job done. You still need to do one entry.

However, it will be more time-consuming as you will capture screenshots and put them into the document, along with written instructions. I prefer creating a video to writing a manual, but both are fine and depend on your preferences.

A Good Data Set Keeps the Questions at Bay

You have a lot of input already; that’s the whole reason why you need someone else to perform actions on them. However, there is a good distinction between a good dataset and a bad one.

God vs bad data

A good dataset will have nearly completed input and is very uniform. For this data, it is easy to create instructions to do something about it, e.g. input these data into a CRM.

Because of the uniformity, there are few exceptions, and it can speed up the data entry duration.

A bad one will have missing data; you must format the value correctly. It is the kind of data we deal with the most, as life is not ideal.

We can still work with this kind of dataset. However, clear instructions on processing with the malformed data rows are required. For example, when inputting the above information into a CRM, you can leave the direction like uppercase the name before creating a lead in the CRM.


Data Entry tasks are mundane but necessary for any business. Most of the time, it is not worth your time to do data entry, so offloading the job to someone is preferred. The goal is to clear your time to work on more critical tasks, such as sales and marketing

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