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VA Task: High Performing Best Email Folder System Finally Revealed!

by | Dec 29, 2022

Everyone has their way of organising the mailbox, just like folder structures. However, there are good ways and inadequate structures in the mailbox. Our Virtual Assistants have seen it all. Today we will reveal to you a high-performing best folder email system that we suggest our clients follow.

Why do You Need to Organise Your Email?

It sounds insignificant, but organising your email can give you or your employees many benefits to simplify your daily task, such as:

  • Having Better Time Management
  • Reducing Stress
  • Minimising Email Clutter
  • Organising Workload
  • Reducing the Likelihood of Indecision

Best Folder System to Rule Them All

Best email folder system - Email icon

We recommend moving all your emails into one of the following 5 folders. If you need more folders, feel free to add more. The goal is to empty your inbox.

0 Priority

You always need to check this folder at the beginning of the day and decide what to do with it. If it stays there for longer than a day, something is wrong, and you need assistance‚ÄĒemails that often go into this folder: invoices, unknown action emails, etc.

1 Action Required

The 1 Action Required folder is in the following order of the best email folder system. It is where all emails that need your immediate action stay.

The aim is to move these emails to other folders as soon as needed. We should only leave work by emptying this mailbox.

2 Awaiting Reply

Best email folder system - smartphone

You can move an email to this folder when you reply that email from 1 Action Required. You can check this folder as the last activity of the day and decide what to do with the email.

3 Follow Up

Sometimes we need to follow up with someone, but not straight away. It is where the emails from 2 Awaiting Reply can end up, and it is recommended to act on this folder within two business days.

z Done

We move all completed emails here. Or, in some email software, you can archive the email. I like putting it into a folder more since I can easily search for it later.

When you’re reading the order of this best email folder system, you may wonder why we put numbers in front of the name.

It is to make the email client automatically show the folders at the top of the folder list. And z Done will always be at the bottom, other folders.

Say Goodbye to the Massive Unread Inbox!

The process is where the magic happens. Whenever you look at your inbox, you see a new email coming, but you can’t take action immediately; move it to one of the five folders. Or, you can delete it immediately if it’s useless to you.

Once a day, you check the 0 Priority and 1 Action Required folders and empty them as soon as possible. Once a week, you check 2 Awaiting Reply and 3 Follow Up, decide what to do, and clean up the folders.

Sometimes an email will have to be there for a while. For example, some prospects ask you to contact them again in 3 months.

In this case, the email will stay in 3 Follow Up for at least three months until it can be actioned. However, it will be in your mind whenever you open the folder and read through the list.


Inbox structure

What we can share of the best email folder system can help you have more effective and efficient work management.

We have had a lot of experience organising our clients’ mailboxes. The structure above is one of the most high-performing file systems we have experienced.

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