Enable your business to reach a broader audience. 
Our social media virtual assistant is here to help you craft a compelling story to make you the centre of attention.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management isn’t just about creating content; it’s about showcasing our business’s strengths to the audience.

Integrated Processes for Maximum Impact

Inbound Engagement Monitoring

Strategy Creation

Analytics Monitoring

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Why Businesses Need Social Media Management Services

Your business provides solutions to the pain points your target market faces. Your target market needs to know about that. It’s time to make your service or product known.
With VAFE social media assistant, you can effortlessly enhance your social media presence, freeing up your time to focus on sales.

How the Best Social Media Marketers Achieve Their Clients’ Goals

Your search for the best social media management

Determine the job description

We will schedule a meeting to review the position and construct your future staff’s job description.

Source the candidates

We will find the most suitable developers based on the job description.

Evaluate the candidates

Our experts will screen and conduct assessment tests to ensure they are qualified.

Interview the candidates

You only need to interview the candidates who pass our evaluation.

Approve and onboard your developers

After you approve the candidate, we will start the job offering and onboarding process for the successful person.

Organic vs Paid Social:

What’s the Difference?

Organic Social

Reach your audience through organic social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok. Organic social media is about developing content based on your audience’s enjoyment, whether in static graphic designs, short videos, or even memes!

Paid Social

Paid social media is a quick way to connect with your desired audience. With the help of paid advertisements, you can select the type of audience you want, from demographics and behaviour to their location. Paid social media offers a broad and targeted reach for your business.

Types of Social Media Management for Business Owners




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frequently asked questions

What are the frequently asked questions about social media virtual assistants? Let’s find out.

What is outsource customer service?

A social media virtual assistant will help elaborate on the end user’s pain points, analyse them, and translate them into content the audience enjoys. Additionally, we will assist in evaluating the content’s performance and efficiency.

How much does it cost to have someone manage my social media?

Compared to hiring a social media manager, using a social media virtual assistant service is relatively more affordable. You only need to pay the virtual assistant part-time as much as two cups of coffee per hour. You only pay for the time spent managing your social media.

What is done in social media management?

Social media management is an effort to manage the operational aspects of a company’s social media presence. In social media management, a virtual assistant helps create and evaluate content regularly to enhance your business’s visibility.

What is full service social media management?