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5 Cost-Effective Ideas to Motivate Employees Without Spending Much

by | Dec 21, 2022

Anyone with money can hire employees. But do you know that money is not enough to make people stay for a long time? Hence, sometimes we crave ideas to incentivise our employees like a pro.

“Listening to your employees” maybe is the key. But some things can be done to motivate your staff to work, so they can feel like they are working for themselves, not for someone else.

5 Ideas to Incentivise Your Employees Like a Pro

ideas to incentivise employees - man looks at papers

Here are 5 Ideas to Incentivise employees like a pro without breaking the bank, and Human Resource people are charging you thousands to reveal the ideas.

Transparent Company Vision

The company vision should be short, sharp and easy to understand. Take our picture, for example: give everyone a helping hand. It is very short and aligns with our brand.

Once you define the company’s vision, meet with your employees to ensure they understand the concept and the current strategy to deliver it.

Little Things Matter

Think about it: wouldn’t it be nice when someone remembers your little things and mention them to you when you meet?

Conversations like the kid’s birthday are approaching, the dog went to the veterinarian the other day, or someone cannot eat onion and chilly, etc. These things are small, but it makes people feel like you care. And because you care, they are more dedicated to paying you back.

Surprise Treats

ideas to incentivise employees - Gift

“It’s not about what the gift is, it’s how you do it.”

We must create surprises to leave a more profound mark of good gestures in the employees’ minds. Give them things when they least expect them. For example, you can randomly take them out for lunch without notice.

By doing this way, if you have an office, people are incentivised to go to the office because, who knows, they may have a good treat that day.

For people who have offshore staff, a treat can be a postcard with a local restaurant voucher. It can be a little, but it shows your appreciation for the team.

Surprise doesn’t have to be big or luxurious. It can be simple and funny, such as decorating their laptops or giving them printed magnet of their faces of their pet face.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

People want improvements, especially in themselves and giving development employee incentive programs can be one of 5 ideas to incentivise employees to try.

As business owners, we need to know what our employees strive to achieve and give them just that.

They are following us partly because the company aligns with their professional development. So, identify the chance to improve and give it to the appropriate staff.

One of the professional incentive programs for employees examples that you can give is skill-based training. Or you also can ask one of your staff to attend a workshop sponsored by a professional organization.

Recognize Achievements

ideas to incentivise employees - handshake

It relates to the point of remembering small things. We also need to recognize big things to make them feel visible and appreciated. We can acknowledge meeting the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), finishing a project on time, etc. And you know what? We just need to create a process for this, which will go into auto-pilot!! Out of 5 ways, this is the most favourite one by many people since it can automate the process.


Incentivising employees is always necessary activity in the company. It is proven to boost performance, workforce, and positive impact in the workplace.

It’s recommended that you implement the employee incentive programs above to stop dealing with staff endless offboarding session.

However, you should remember that when it comes to motivating your employees, nothing is universal. One employee incentive program may work in small businesses, while other motivational incentives; examples are only sound in the enterprise.

You can pick one of the 5 ideas to incentivise employees like a pro and do the experiment. And contrary to others’ beliefs, it should be relatively inexpensive.

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