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5 Critical Ways to Do When Offboarding a Virtual Assistant

by | Dec 12, 2022

Getting someone into your business is already challenging, but removing someone is a bigger challenge. Most business owners feel bad when asking their employees to leave permanently. However, staff termination is the best way to save the company and the virtual assistant themselves. So, we need to prepare for the worst,

Here are the 5 critical ways to do when offboarding a virtual assistant for you who needs clarification about how to terminate the staff safely.

5 Critical Ways to Do When Offboarding a Virtual Assistant

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Besides saying, “We have to let you go” properly, here are some things that you can do when offboarding your virtual assistant, and they are:

Cut Off The Access to All Tools and Data

With the proper onboarding process, this should be easy enough. We encourage clients to use password-safe software to share their credentials within the company. This will allow the owner to disable access to the password-safe software; therefore, all access is gone.

Get Back Your Hardware

One of 5 critical ways to do this when offboarding a virtual assistant is to ensure all hardware is returned. Mainly if the hardware contains data. You can afford to lose a keyboard and a mouse but not a portable SSD. There is client data in that hardware, and data leaking is the last thing we want when managing a business.

Conduct Exit Interview

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Have you heard stories where a person goes to a hospital for a general health check and finds out that they have cancer? They then have time to cure cancer, which is still in the very early stage.

Similarly, whether the employment falls apart wrongfully or not, conducting the exit interview is an essential part. You will have the most honest feedback about the company, as they have nothing to lose. This can lead to the discovery of other issues within the company that you don’t know about, giving you time to patch them up.

Be Transparent to Other Employees

Communicating the staff’s termination to other teams is one of 5 critical ways to do when offboarding a virtual assistant.

Imagine you are an employee, one day, you learn that your favourite colleague is gone, and you two no longer see each other every day. This could cause a lot of negative feelings, and morale can go down.

The best way is to tell them the truth, given that it is not confidential. Do it in front of the employee who is leaving, reinforcing the business’s transparency.

Resolve Financial Matters

ical ways to do when offboarding a virtual assistant -

It is encouraged to pay any financial obligations that are still outstanding to that employee. The earlier you do this, the less chance it becomes a headache later. In Australia, employees are well protected, and as business owners, we do not want to be involved in any legal matter.

For offshore contractors, we should uphold the same practice. All outstanding invoices should be paid immediately.


Above are 5 crucial activities that business owners need to do when they decide to remove someone from their company. This should serve as a guideline to build your own offboarding process. On the other hand, you can always ask us, and we will always be ready to answer.

Also, if you need a virtual assistant that can replace the previous one, you can consult it with us. We have virtual assistant from various backgrounds that can fulfill your requirement for any kind of job. For more information, you can call us right now!

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