How To Manage Time Effectively as a Small Business Owners 

Manage Time Effectively is a crucial skill that every Business Owners need to have. Hence, failed to manage the time means a slowly but sure death for the business itself. Thus, all business owners are in a constant battle of reach up the work-life balance. 

Not everyone could able to withstand what a business owners face on a daily basis. Constant pressures, deadlines, and as well as maintaining personal life balanced. According to the Gallup Wellbeing Index, 45% of entrepreneurs report being stressed compared to 42% of “other workers.” Entrepreneurs also report being more likely to have “worried a lot” — 34% vs. 30%.  

Now, the main question is how can you manage the time effectively? Here’s some great tips for you from VAFE on How to Manage Time Effectively! 

Recognize Interruption 

We’re all prone to getting side-tracked from our goals, and thanks to the digital distractions of modern life, staying focused is more challenging than ever.  

Distractions and Interruptions is the main killer for Productivity. Indeed, it can come from various sources. From your customers whose always insist to only speak with the boss, music on the background, constant incoming notifications from your phone, to spending too much time on replying comments on social media. Any kinds of activities that leads to procrastination, should be considered as Distractions & Interruptions. In one survey, 94% of people indicated that procrastination has a negative effect on their happiness, and 18% indicated that this effect is extremely negative.  

Recognize every interruption, distractions to increase more productivity. More productivity means more sales for your company, and more happiness for yourself and family.  

Yes, you can change, and you can be more productive. It’s all start from your own mindset. And ask yourselves these questions; 

  • Is this what I should be doing right now? 
  • Will delaying things helps me achieve my goals in the future? 
  • How would successful people achieve this goal? 
  • What is one thing I can do to make sure I finish on time? 
  • How will I feel if I don’t complete the task? Or run out of time to make it great? 

Create Safe Sanctuary for your mind 

Accordingly, once you’ve recognized the sources for your distraction, one thing that you need is a Sanctuary. Where you can put your mind, and your soul can focus at one thing, that is your work. Create a safe space where there is a very minimal distraction. Any distractions from seeing something, hearing something, and doing something could be eliminated with this sanctuary. 

Install a soundproof for your office to reduce outside noise. Create a lighting ambience for your room. Put don’t disturb sign on the door. Build a wall against distractions by locking your door and disabling your phone.  

The more you can concentrate on work tasks, the faster you’ll complete them. Or you can also; if possible; try to work outside your comfort zone. You can try to working at an environment that has nice, energetic, and supports your mood for working productively. For example; Coffeeshop, City Park, in a hotel room or lobby, & coworking space.  

Prioritize Task and Plan Ahead 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 
― Benjamin Franklin 

That is one of most powerful quotes that we can always put it on our desk as a reminder. You need to prioritize each item of on your schedule. Ask yourself, “What absolutely needs to be done by the end of the day?” Rank each item by its importance – or deadline – and start working down the list.  

There’s an old proverb that says, “Work expands to the time we allow”. This means that we are actually more in control of time than we think. We can demand ourselves to be much better if we try harder. Set a measurable goal that you want to achieve.  

Planning ahead today saves you time, and unnecessary stress, tomorrow. Once you have established your goals, you can also start working on a feasible timeline to reach them. Be ready to reorganize your schedule if priorities suddenly change, too. Think of it as a ‘Plan A’ or a work in progress rather than something set in stone. 

Include Resting time in your schedule 

With so many of us working long hours to keep up with an ever-growing workload, and risking burnout just to keep up, the importance of rest is easily forgotten. From the research of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), “health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress”. Stress creates havoc with our physical and emotional health. “A growing body of evidence shows that “…skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion.” 

Include Resting in your schedule might be the most ignored parts in your scheduling time. But creative brains need a time off to reset and become productive again. “Thinking is one of the crucial benefits of stepping back. Just as quality time off fuels energetic resources on the job, reflective time is critical to producing solutions and creative breakthroughs.” 

Rest isn’t about being lazy or avoiding work. It’s necessary for our health and for being at our best when we are working. 

Rest has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, and lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. Vacation in particular has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase lifespan. 

Start to Delegating Tasks 

Delegating responsibilities is often one of the hardest things a business owner must do to save time, but it’s essential if you want to reduce stress, get more accomplished and increase business success. Most business is based on the principle of getting others to work on your behalf. Organize your business task using the following way; 

  • Tasks that you have to do 
  • Work that you can do but others can help you complete 
  • Jobs that others can do but you can help them finish 
  • Work that other can complete without help 

The 80/20 rules also apply here: If others can do a task at least 80 percent as well as you, it’s usually acceptable to delegate the task. Some work activities you might enjoy doing, but you have to learn to say, “No, someone I trust can handle that work.” 

Hire the Right Person for the Right Task 

Hire people you can trust, and give them the work you don’t have time for – or the work you don’t know how to do. This will give you time to focus on the tasks you’re best at and the ones that mean the most to you. If you’re a new business or not big enough for full-time employees, look into offering college credits to interns, or outsourcing to freelance virtual assistants, and Virtual Assistant providers such VAForEveryone.  

VAFE provides you premier Virtual-Assistant matchmaking solutions in Australia, Asia, the United States and Canada for small to medium-sized enterprises. VAFE offer various range of assistants, from General Admin, Real Estate, Customer Service, to IT Assistant.  

Think Automation & Embrace Technology 

Check out this campaign video from Intuit Technology: 

Intuit | A Giant Story 

As we learned from the campaign, Technologies could improve both company and personal life. As a company, you should understand how is your business process works. Knowing what’s the flaw / lacking in your business is the key to embrace the technology.  

Automating routine tasks will do wonders for your work life. Using chatbots to answer customer service queries, or employing software to handle bookings and sales, is a great time-saver for busy humans. Take, for instance, billing and accounts receivable. Certainly, this is one of the most important jobs in any business’s schedule, but it’s also tedious and hardly quick. By doing automation, you can free up time for other things, like marketing, strategizing, product development, maybe even taking a vacation.