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What type of VA do we offer?

We mainly offer skilled VAs who have experiences in operating different tools and technologies. For example, they have IT support background so that when using certain tool like Microsoft, they are able to change the password and resolve certain issues. We also supply developers to replace the clients’ IT department.

When do people need a VA?

– When they spend too much time doing admin tasks which makes them overwhelmed, they will need VA’s help to handle this kind of stuff.

– For people who haven’t had an employee before, the process of getting the right one will be quite intimidating and taking time. Hence, we offer a step in between, which is a VA they can use to have an employee until they get one.

– When they could not find any talent in Australia, or they have tried it but the result is not satisfying, we provide a service to search for VA talents in Indonesia.

What about the fee for the VA?

We pay for the salary of the VAs and also provide some benefits for them. There is no extra fee charged during the service.

How many hours VA will work?

The working hours are the same as in Australia. It will be adjusted based on the client’s need.

How to use VA’s service?

First thing first, the client needs to explain to the VA how to do the task before assigning it to him/her. The client is supposed to have the process written so that the VA can follow it. In arranging the process template, VA can help to write it down during the first time he/she does the task.

Regarding to public holidays, how is the rule?

We will follow Victorian public holidays. However, if the client works on public holidays, we can have customisation and find a solution for that. And when a VA is taking annual leave or sick leave, we can replace him/her with another VA. That is why the document of process needs to be written down since we can easily trust the VA. In addition, if the VA is full-time, the client will have to make it for another day.

How is the recruitment process to get an appropriate VA?

Once we have a candidate who has passed all the tests and interviews, we will create his/her profile and send it to the client. In this stage, we will also ask the client whether or not they want to schedule an interview with that candidate. If the client agrees to have an interview, it will be conducted between the client, the candidate, and the account manager. After the interview, if the client wants to go ahead, we send a job offer to the candidate. Otherwise, we will continue looking for another candidate.

Who will provide the equipment for the VAs?

We will provide the office and the equipment as well for them.

Is there any minimum contract?

The minimum contract should be 3 months and there is no lock-in contract in the duration of the contract itself.

What about overtime?

Overtime will be judged as hourly and the other will be defined in the contract.

What is the company doing during the employment time?

We handle the taxation, all things related to HR, benefits, and all events that we hold.

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