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Overwhelmed by Work? 5 Signs You Need a Virtual Assistant!

by | Apr 5, 2023

As a small business owner, I know first-hand how tedious some tasks can be. We often find ourselves overwhelmed with administrative work that needs to be done, even outside of working hours. It’s easy to think about hiring someone to help us, but we often reject the idea for various reasons, such as a lack of cash flow, fear of managing people, or the extra work that comes with training a new employee.

That being said, I’ve compiled five glaring signs indicating you need someone to help you out immediately. Your business may already suffer, and it’s time to take action!

In summary:

  • You have admin work that needs to be done after working hours.
  • Your To-Do list is getting longer, and you know it will only get longer.
  • Your personal life is affecting your business.
  • You have more workload than you can handle.
  • You’re slow in communication, resulting in lost opportunities.

Let’s break it down

5 Glaring Signs that You Need a Virtual Assistant

Here we are breaking down in details why those things above can be considered as red flags for your business and you need a Virtual Assistant ASAP!

Tedious Admin Work

Need a Virtual Assistant - Administrative work

As business owners, we all have non-income-generating tasks that need to be done. Following up with existing clients to ensure their satisfaction, researching the market, creating lead lists, and preparing documents for upcoming meetings are just a few examples. These important tasks must be completed to ensure our income-generating activities generate income.

Intelligent entrepreneurs know that these tasks can be offloaded to other people. They can review the results and sign off on them. A Virtual Assistant (VA) can complete these tasks faster, as the work can be done in parallel. For instance, imagine you just got off a meeting with a prospect who wants to proceed. You can instruct your VA over the phone, and by the time you get back to the office, your proposal will be ready to be sent off. We all know speed is crucial in closing deals, and having a VA gives you a better chance of securing contracts.

Massive To-do List

Whenever I have something to do but can’t do it right away, I put it on my to-do list. However, the number of tasks I put on there is often more than the number I tick off as completed, resulting in a lengthy list.

Would it be better to push those tasks to a Virtual Assistant to do them immediately or at least on time? For VAs, these tasks are mandatory and must be completed, unlike for us, where they are just nice-to-have tasks.

Business Suffers Because of Personal Life

Need a Virtual Assistant - Child sick

When we are running a business, it demands our full attention. However, life will catch up with us at some point. Whether it’s a sick child, relatives visiting, or a son’s football game, numerous things require our time during business hours. When this happens, our business will suffer. I have had people cancel meetings on me for these reasons, and sometimes I really needed their services and was ready to buy that day. It costs us time and contracts that we may never know we could have won.

How can a VA help in this case? By simply knowing your schedule, they can schedule client meetings at a better time or even talk to prospects and collect information. You can then read the report and decide the next steps from there.

Business Overflow

It’s a significant problem when you have more work than you can handle. However, it can lead to burnout, and the quality of work is no longer assured. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone help you with the internal process to optimise the work and not seem overwhelming?

I’m not talking about hiring a specialist to do your job. This is more of optimising the existing process to save you time. For instance, a website development company that signs a new contract has the following steps:

  • Requirement workshop with the client.
  • UI/UX design.
  • Collecting graphical assets, e.g., product images, product lists, text copy, etc.
  • Development phase.
  • Input data to the new website (in the case of e-commerce).
  • Demonstration and Sign-off.
  • Website maintenance.

When you are a solopreneur or don’t have a Business Analyst, these tasks can be time-consuming. A Virtual Assistant who understands your process can help in this instance. Over time, you can also promote that VA to be your Business Analyst if they have training.

Slow Communication

Need a Virtual Assistant - Phone

I have had people replying to me regarding an email asking for a quote after a month or two. And sometimes, I have already gone with another provider at that point. This was when I realised that we lose businesses when we respond slowly. I aim to reply to people within 24 hours, and I cannot do that without the help of my Virtual Assistants.

How we structured it? Twice a day, the VA will look at my mailbox, organise the emails to different folders and reply to emails they are authorised to do so. And then, I only need to respond to emails that are put in specific folders. I usually only have ten emails to reply to, and then the VA handles the rest.


if you find yourself under work or have slow communication with clients, a Virtual Assistant is a great starting point. They can help you optimise your process, save you time, and prevent you from losing good opportunities.

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