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5 Flashing Indicators Showing that You Need to Hire New Employees

by | Feb 9, 2023

Do you find yourself running empty these days? Are there tasks needing to be done, or maybe even worse: never starting in the first place? That’s one of many indicators you need to hire new employees.

As business owners or operating officers, you must keep the business running and growing as much as possible. And sometimes, hiring new team members is needed to fulfil our responsibility. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to tell if this is the case.

Luckily, there are some dead giveaways and critical indicators of when it may be time for more help! Keep reading to learn about five flashing signs pointing in one direction: an increase in headcount!

Five Symptoms Your Company Needs to Hire New Employees

Below are five red flags that show that it’s time to expand your team to get things done:

1. You turn down opportunities.

2. High-value employees are doing low-quality work.

3. Your employees are working overtime regularly.

4. Current staff are screaming for help.

5. You want to grow your business.

You may need to figure out what they look like. Don’t worry, and we will break them down below.

When You Need to Add More Heads in Your Office

You may not need to hire new employees. Read these points and ask yourself, “Do I need to onboard new members to my team?”

1. You Turn Down Opportunities

Hire new employees - refuse offer

It is a good sign when people are begging you to take their money, but you must compromise the quality to afford to service them. It is when you start to entertain the possibility of having new employees to balance out the current work and be ready to take on more contracts.

An example goes a long way. Consider this scenario, you have a business with five full-time employees (we now call it Full-Time Equivalent, or FTE), and the work has been scheduled for six months ahead.

Now, projects are coming in that are estimated to cost another two months with the current team line-up, which pushes your schedule ahead to 8 months. However, that is too long for clients to wait, and more people may enquire during that time. How many new people should you hire to ensure the work is only scheduled within six months?

The math is relatively simple, 5 FTEs, six months’ worth of work, that comes to 5 x 6 = 30 months for one employee to complete all the work.

Now, let’s say you must do the new 5 x 8 = 40 months of work within six months; then, you need 40/6 = 6.67 FTEs. Add in the buffer to train the new team members, and we are looking at two new FTEs who need to start your business immediately.

2. High-value Employees are Doing Low-quality Work

As business owners, we want to maximise the skills and time of our people. It is painful to see quality people doing mundane work. One example is lawyers who are paid top dollar to do data-entry works because there is no other staff.

When you see it happening in the business, it’s time to get junior staff in to carry out the mundane work or hire new employees like Virtual Assistants to help with that. It is an opportunity to take in junior guys and train them so that one day you end up with quality employees because the work is ready for them to start.

If you are hesitant to hire new employees because you have an occasional mundane task, maybe our “Get It Done” service can save your day. It’s a solution where you can free yourself from doing the repetitive job without breaking your bank account

3. Your Employees are Working Overtime Regularly

Working overtime

It is easy to notice when your people are working in the office. Something needs to be fixed if they leave work at 7 pm. And if that happens every day of the week, it is a call for help.

However, it has yet to be a clear sign of hiring new employees. Your business processes could be more efficient, and it’s time to review them. If the review does not yield substantial improvements, it is time to get someone in to help the existing staff.

4. Current Staff are Screaming for Help

You have to ask for help; whether it is adding more employees, updating how you do things, purchasing more inventory, or so on, you must do something.

Some business owners noticed the overtime problem, but they only did something once the employees came screaming. And by that time, it is probably too late. I made that mistake and had to see a good employee leave the company.

Here are some issues you can resolve by hiring more people: overtime work; lack of experience in certain areas, e.g., project management; etc.

5. You Want to Grow Your Business

From my experience, it is better to get more people, prime them up to the job, and scale up the business. Doing it the other way around also works, but it will stress you more as finding good people is often more challenging than finding new clients.

As an outsourcing company leader, I always have the problem of finding good people and connecting them with our clients.

One tip I follow is to have a workforce that can do 120% of your current work, then find new clients to fill in the extra 20%.


Hire new employees - Hand shake

Above are some indicators of when to hire new employees; they may even be your first. Other matters also need to be investigated if you decide to hire new employees.

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