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EMCFG – Boosting Productivity and Revenue with VA Success

by | Jan 24, 2023

The Equipment, Motor and Corporate Finance Group (EMCFG) is a premier Victoria-based equipment finance broker that helps its clients increase their business growth while optimizing cash flow and tax efficiency.

Not only can EMCFG facilitate vehicle procurement by leveraging relationships with corporate sales dealers nationwide, but they also offer fleet pricing for those wanting to make a new car purchase – all without even using the groups’ financing services!

The Challenge

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As the business gained traction, its sole proprietor soon found himself overwhelmed with administrative duties. But this entrepreneurial spirit was determined to keep growing: forging connections and expanding his horizons in pursuit of making a greater impact on society.

What We Do

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Our Virtual Assistant provided incredibly helpful services to the client: they created entries in Zoho CRM, sourced competitive quotations from dealers and compared them for the best possible price; ensuring a secure payment method was used.

Furthermore, our VA proactively uploaded documents and conducted detailed research so that customers had all of the information needed to make an informed decision.


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Our client was initially confined to commercial loan services. However, by partnering with our Virtual Assistant for their business needs, they entered the realm of consumer loans – a more challenging specialty that opened up exciting new growth opportunities in scale and customer acquisition.

In addition to managing documentation such as invoices, our VA helped acquire end-customers who regularly returned within 1-2 months timeframes. As a result, our VA’s work enables increased productivity through over 20 hours saved per week on forming beneficial connections with these customers.

Ready to Leverage Your Business Revenue?

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