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4 Red Flags to Look Out For From Hiring Individual Virtual Assistant

by | Jan 18, 2023

When hiring a Virtual Assistant, you felt confident that your first potential VA was the perfect fit, so you onboarded them. But then a worrying problem began to arise. Signs like late arrivals and missed deadlines suggest it may be time to reassess their skills. 

To help ensure long-term success when hiring Virtual Assistant, we will spill the secret of 4 red flags to watch out for in your Virtual assistant. What are they? 

Red Flags to Look Out for from a Virtual Assistant 

  • Being late for work. 
  • Need to complete deadlines with appropriate explanation. 
  • A decline in the quality of results. 
  • Being busy without having a lot of tasks. 

You must pay attention to four red flags when hiring a Virtual Assistant. Don’t worry if you still need clarification about what context we are talking about, don’t worry because we’ll dig deeper below. 

Red Flag #1: Consistently Shows Up Late Online 

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Your VA strives to provide the highest service level, including being disciplined with time, whether for finishing tasks such as researching prospects or just for a simple thing such as attending the daily meeting. 

As with all humans, they may experience external factors that sometimes cause them to be late. It’s tolerable. However, If it occurs more than two times a week, you and your team need to discuss potential causes such as personal matters or dual-personnel engagement or say they are working for two people at once. 

The goal is to straighten out the issues and resolve them before it’s too late. Here at VA For Everyone, we employ our staff full-time with proper employment contracts, and we look after each other to ensure that no one needs another job to live their lives. 

Red Flag #2: Miss Deadlines of Your Tasks 

Delayed deadlines can be understandable if reasonable explanations are offered. However, it’s wise to go the extra step and ensure that you’re provided with evidence supporting your team member’s claim, such as a hospital certificate in instances of illness or family care matters. Australian companies often ask for proof to support their employees’ claims; there is no need to hesitate when ensuring accountability! 

If it proves accurate, consider shifting the work hours to suit your Virtual Assistant better. This way, they can devote their attention to helping and solving any personal issues, allowing them entire focus when working with you. 

If there is a hesitation in providing such evidence, you know something is going on. We have seen a VA work for two companies simultaneously, and they miss deadlines because of too many overlapping tasks. There may be other culprits, but this one’s at the top of our list! 

Red Flag #3: You Notice a Decline in the Quality of Works 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant - bad quality

You begin with the highest quality of service from your VA, and everything is completed on time and to expectations. Unfortunately, over time these results may start to slip regarding accuracy and timeliness, a dangerous trend as you become accustomed: to not questioning why this is happening. 

It happens because there is no performance goal set for the VA. Over time, they get used to the job and put fewer thoughts into it. And when they do that, there is a tendency to find something else more exciting to do. It can lead to red flag #2. 

To ensure the ongoing quality of assignments, randomly audit tasks from time to time without informing your Virtual Assistant. Supplement this with performance metrics and consider rewarding exceptional contributions with bonuses for surpassing KPIs. 

Red Flag #4: Busy with No Task Given 

When it is the quiet period of the business, you are scouring tasks that you can give to the VA. However, the VA keeps saying they are super busy and cannot take more tasks from you. 

It may be the clearest sign that your Virtual Assistant is working for someone else while on your time. It is time to have a serious conversation with them about your concern and let them show you why their current tasks are taking a lot of time. You may have given them more complicated functions than expected. 

If it turns out to be accurate, you have a choice of whether to keep them and make them promise not to work for other people again, considering to offboard, or even sack them and find another VA. 


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Business owners have shared their struggles with transitioning to working with VAs. Fortunately, we’re tackling these four common issues head-on and taking proactive steps to ensure a smooth process for our clients when hiring a Virtual Assistant. 

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